Our company recognizes the right of an investor franchise who believes that IPEKYOL brand of international quality can reach IPEKYOL standards in order to expand abroad expansions. The basic franchise rules that have been created over many years of experience and experience are presented below.

Below are the basic franchise rules that have been created as a result of years of experience and experience.

If your investment plans are in compliance with IPEKYOL standards and the following basic rules, you will be contacted as soon as possible.




  • - The IPEKYOL store should operate in at least 180 m2 + 10% warehouse area.
  • - The IPEKYOL store should be installed on the busiest Shopping Center in the city and / or on the main street where fashion brands are located.
  • - The architectural concept of the IPEKYOL store is determined by the franchisee and the project is paid by the franchisee with the drawing fee.
  • - The franchise is obliged to implement the architectural concept of the individual, with its ownership.
  • - Franchise It is mandatory to place an order within 2 colleges each year.
  • - Orders are made from the existing collection of IPEKYOL according to the season and at least 80% of the products displayed in the collection must be ordered.
  • - For promotional and marketing expenditures, the budget to be allocated by the Franchise Domain shall be agreed between the parties in line with the business plan to be formed by the Franchise Domain.
  • - The franchise right is granted exclusively for a minimum of 3 years. At the end of 3 years, the franchise field's performance is taken into consideration and the exclusive authority is reassessed.
  • - Monobrand policy is essential.


You can find it in the franchising application by filling in the form below.

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