In the process of selection and placement, we have different applications in order to find the most suitable candidate with the most efficient method depending on the position.

Personality inventories, general skills tests, foreign language tests, competency-based interviews, and Assessment Center practices are among the methods we use.



We provide internship opportunities in summer and winter to provide university students with internship obligations with a theoretical knowledge application environment to prepare them for their business life.

Candidates who are eligible for the internship from the applicants are interviewed and candidates who are found to be positive are offered the possibility of internship taking into account the needs of the departments and organizations they want to serve.


Our Performance Appraisal System is based on goal and competence, with the goal of increasing personal performance to assess the effectiveness of our employees fairly within the framework of predefined goals and measurable criteria and to improve the effectiveness of our group.

The SMART targets and competencies determined at the beginning of the year are evaluated at the end of the year.

Assessment results are also used in the identification of training and development needs, career planning, backup and rewarding tools.

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Ayaydın-Miroglio Group is given priority to internal candidates in all positions opened within the group.

In each type of promotion, rotation, change of duty, assignment of positions, internal candidates are checked for conformity with the position criteria and the conditions required in the procedure, suitable candidates are passed through the Assessment Center, personality inventory, general aptitude test and interview stages depending on the position, Candidates are assigned to positions.


Training and Development activities are evaluated as an investment made to Ayaydın-Miroglio employees. It is our primary responsibility to ensure that this investment helps our company achieve its objectives.

Our employees are subjected to an orientation program suitable for their position, duties and responsibilities from the day they start work.

In addition, functional (vocational) trainings, executive trainings and personal development trainings are given intensively for the development of our employees.

In our trainings, our goal is to respond to specific business needs and to create measurable, observable results at work.